Buy  a property for sale in Liman/ Antalya Turkey with a value of only 250000 dollars. And obtain Turkish citizenship. also rented to the largest shops, shops with well-known names in Turkey in Liman. A high and stable return will be obtained.

Invest in Liman and take advantage of the golden opportunity that may not be compensated.

All features will be availed in just one investment. When the property is purchased, all papers and transactions will be conducted professionally within a specific time frame to be agreed upon.

If you are one of the people who have a good capital and want to get a monthly financial return from international companies in Liman. And obtaining Turkish citizenship. Which qualifies you to enter more than 72 countries around the world. And, you want to have a project whose market value will rise in the near time. With the ability to sell it after 3 years with a good profit. The Guide of Antalya provides you with everything you need, comfortably and fully credible.

Guide of Antalya more than 250 naturalization transactions

The company does more than 250 transactions for Turkish citizenship. Our company is a specialist with a good reputation and high credibility. We have a lot of loyal clients. Which they noticed from the honesty, speed and meets the customer expectations.

Why Antalya / Turkey

Antalya is one of the most beautiful tourist areas in Turkey and we cannot explain the beauty of Antalya only in words. Because it is one of the most beautiful areas in terms of climate. the beauty of the mountains, the plenty of springs, the purity of the air, etc., as well as the infrastructure. And management from the municipality that provides and facilitates all the needs of citizens.

Advantages of Turkish citizenship

Turkish citizenship and the Turkish passport are among the most appropriate and easiest passports that you may obtain. Which provides you with travel to more than 72 countries around the world. It also facilitates the work requirements and conditions within the Turkish territory.

Take advantage of the opportunity today in Liman Antalya

The Turkish currency at the beginning of the summer of 2021 is low in relation to the value of the dollar and the euro. Which is a good opportunity to get a property with many and varied advantages. We can say that you will get a property that is less than its market value. and this will help you when selling as well.

Sworn translators and interpreters in Liman

Guide of Antalya has sworn translators working in Liman to translate all official papers and more. From a passport a driver’s license a family book and many more. you will not work to search for other companies, and we are also working to finish all transactions from abroad.

Cover areas

Visit Guide of Antalya for strong management and progress, which enables it to excel over others, and covers many areas as follows:

Inside Antalya in Muratpasa, Konyaalti, Kepez, Aksu, Finike, Serik, Alanya, Menvgat and others.

And in Konyaalti, like Akdeniz Hurma Liman Sarisu Ungali Mulla Yusuf Gursu Altinkum Punarbashi

There are apartments with a sea view, inside the center of Antalya, apartments near schools, universities, hospitals, malls, and commercial markets.

Villas for sale of different sizes and sea views.

Lands for sale of different sizes, agricultural and commercial lands with green and red titles.

Real estate within huge investment companies.

We also work in Istanbul, Trabzon, Ankara, and Izmir, with high quality.

For more information, please contact us through our official website or through our Facebook pages