Sarisu district in Konyaalti, which is in Antalya in southwestern Turkey, is one of the relatively quiet areas, which is characterized by beautiful climate and relatively smallness, and the proximity of the mountains around it and characterized by the kindness of its people, its great location and calm, have organized street, it’s elegant and Sarisu near to the sea Which makes it attractive for all the foreigners from all over the world.

Konyaalti is in Antalya, one of the most prestigious areas in Antalya, and it is one of the areas near the sea, and the area has been rebuilt several times, on the one hand the seacoast was reconstructed, and paths for walking and cycling were prepared, and on the other hand a lot of devices were installed. Athletics are everywhere.

Why Sarisu?

Sarisu is one of the elegant, quiet, and friendly regions with friendly neighbors, its near to the Mediterranean, and bordered by the Taurus Mountains, and Antalya is generally one of the cheapest cities in Turkey.

Modern Real Estate in Konyaalti

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Best places in Konyaalti.

Find the most important and beautiful areas in Konyaalti as below.

Uncalı konyaalti

Molla Yusuf konyaalti

Gürsu konyaalti

Altınkum, Konyaaltı

Bunarbashi , Konyaaltı

Akdaniz University, Konyaaltı



Sarisu konyaalti

Guide of Antalya

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