When you come to Antalya for business or living, before you start do anything, you must open a bank account to transfer your money. Doing everything from shopping, paying your bills etc…

We are dealing with many banks in Turkey, and we have a lot of experience in opening bank accounts in Antalya. Turkey.


Reasons of open Bank Account:

Bank account in Turkey is very important and there is a lot of reasons as below:

  • Paying bills like water and electricity bills through the bank’s App.
  • Pay all the necessary fees like house rent, installments, or even school fees.
  • E-shopping, do you know Turkey is one of the first countries buying online.
  • Making bank transfers from and to Turkey to other countries, including Wester Union.

Hence, we find the importance of opening a bank account inside Turkey, especially Antalya

The document needs to open a bank account in Turkey

A copy of the Turkish residence permit or just the Turkish residence number.


Any document that proves your location from electricity, Internet or water bills or bills from your country, we work to translate the bill if it belongs to you and from other countries, then your card will be ready direct.

Bring your Turkish Tax number

What is the process to open new bank account?

After bringing the necessary papers, you must go to the bank. Evaluate all necessary documents. And then open the bank account in more than one currency as an account in dollars, an account in Turkish lira and an account in Euro.

At the bank, the papers necessary to open the account are signed, and the personal number is taken. Certain sentences are rewritten in Arabic to see if all the contents of the contract have been understood.

Guide of Antalya

Guide of Antalya Company is facilitating all procedures for opening a bank account, for more information, please contact us.