Real Estate in Turkey is one of the most successful projects that you may did, whether in the short or long term, including gains and returns on investment, so if you are looking for a good return on investment or obtaining Turkish citizenship, it is recommended to go to the Real Estate field.

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected many sectors, including the Real Estate sector, but with the polities support, the effect has remained within good limits, and this has contributed to heading to less dense cities.

Today, Antalya is at the forefront of Real Estate investment due to its beautiful climate, picturesque nature, snowy mountain ranges, as well as warm plains and waterfalls, as it is located on the Mediterranean coast, southwest of Turkey.

Antalya is one of the rapidly growing cities, as the demand for it in this period is one of the strong opportunities that you should not miss.

The most important places in Antalya for investment are:

–  Konyaaltı (Hurma, Liman, Sarisu, Uncalı , Molla Yusuf, Gürsu, Altınkum, Bunarbashi district, Akdeniz University and others.

– Kemer.

 – Murat Pasha Mosque (Lara, Kundu, near Mark Antalya Mall, and Sinan.

– Kepez (Kabaz) (near Souq al-Hal market)

– Serik Balikci

– Dosemealti

You should note that when buying any apartment, villa, or any property, attention is paid to several matters, the most important of which are the following:

Flat design

You should pay attention to the apartment divisions and the number of bathrooms, especially if you have a large family, pay attention to the area of ​​each room, the entrance to the rooms, and there is a guard for the building and cameras as well, swimming pool and gardens for children, and attention to the ventilation system in the house.

The location of the apartment

It should be noted that the location is important according to your desire, so if you like quiet places, there are many very quiet places, but if you are a sea lover, then Antalya is located on a long seacoast and the apartment overlooks the sea.


When purchasing the property, you must ensure that the title deed is ready, the date of delivery, and deal with a licensed real estate agent

Make sure from the translation of all papers from a competent authority such as the Antalya Translator Company

You must make sure that there are Internal establishment in the building, such as gas, water and electricity

In the end, you must study the monthly expenses and returns of the property

For any inquiries, please contact the Guide of Antalya, which is your best choice, Antalya guide is your guide.