Sea view apartments and real estate for sale in Belek with Guide of Antalya are an ideal area for those who are tired from the city crowd. It is a place that can be considered small but also a lot of activities can be done. Time passes slower here than in big cities. Because you don’t have a remote job to catch up or traffic where you must wait long hours. It only has a peaceful nature and sea that opens its door to the Sea.

Land of Legends, the favourite structure of recent years, is a place where stores of international brands are located. There is also an adventure park for adventure buffs. It is a destination for both locals and tourists coming to the region.

Belek, the pearl of Antalya, is a tourism centre with hotels with high standards. Since the airport is not far away. it is highly preferred by tourists. Fairs and congresses are frequently held as the congress halls of the hotels have a high capacity. Belek, which also has a commercial dimension, can be considered a stakeholder in almost every sector. The greenhouses in the region show that they are also effective in the field of agriculture. Mainly tourism sector is made. Most of the hotels in Belek are golf hotels. Accordingly, international golf tournaments are organized yearly.

The advantages of Belek being close to the city centre of Antalya are many. Anything that may be seen as insufficient can be easily removed by going to the centre. Health services have developed in Antalya. In this sense, when there is a need, it is easily accessible.

In the region, which is not lacking in terms of education, there is AKEV University established by Antalya, Culture and Education Foundation. Established in 2015, the university has hosted many students and contributed economically to the region.

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