It is quite exciting to have a sea view apartment in Antalya. You feel the beauties of Antalya more. Almost every flat of Antalya has a view of the sea. If you want to live in apartments with a sea view in Kepez district, which is in the city center, you may contact us. To give you more information about Kepez and sea view apartments.

Kepez, Antalya

Kepez is one of the central districts of Antalya. The population is more than other places, but the crowd does not disturb anyone due to the good structuring. The transportation network in Kepez has become better day after day. You can easily reach the bazaar by tram and bus. Kepez is a sufficient district in terms of health institutions. Plus, and there is a lot of pharmacies. As a part of the area is located close to the Mediterranean University, it is always active. The other area is close to the international airport. It is important that it is not far from the extremely popular Mark Antalya shopping center. You can visit the natural wonder Yukari Düden Waterfall in Kepez.

Sea View Apartments

Thanks to Antalya’s long coastline, most of the houses can see the sea. There are also sea view apartments in the Kepez area. Sea view apartments are more preferred than those who do not see them. Therefore, in recent years, buildings have been built according to this demand. There is a difference between an ordinary balcony and a meal eaten on a balcony with sea views. It has a feature that increases the quality of life of people. If you add a flat overlooking the sea next to the many positive features of Kepez district, a pleasant life awaits you.

Guide of Antalya

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