Side, Antalya, Turkey

Side is a one km long and 400-meter wide peninsula located approximately 80 km from Antalya city center. Alanya, which is one of the tourism centers close to Side, is 65 km away from it. The tourism interested in Side. which is connected to the district of Manavgat, is quite high. It is a unique place that combines natural charm and history.

In the past Side was among the most important ports and commercial cities. However, the pirate attacks, which were like the fate of the port cities, forced the people living there to emigrate.

It has been replaced by tourism due to active participation in tourism activities.

There are countless places to visit in Side. Temple of Apolon is the most important of these, built during the Roman Peace period. The temple takes its name from Apollo, known as the God of art, meaning beauty and light. Apollo is also one of the chief Gods of Side. It is one of the most visited places in Side.

Every step in Side mentioned to history and culture. Ancient City, State Agora, Theater, Monumental Fountain proves this. Ancient City hosted many civilizations. These are Persians, Greeks, Romans and Lydians. Theater is one of the biggest theaters in Anatolia and consists of three parts like the others. The Antique Theater has the capacity to easily accommodate 15 thousand people.

Koprulu Canyon

In Köprülü Canyon, which is 60 km away from Side,and you can both rafting and have a great time walking in the rich nature. Plus the must-see Manavgat Waterfall on the road can be experienced with its natural texture. Altınbeşik Cave, which was inhabited before, is worth seeing. The Side Museum is a museum containing valuable artifacts that can be entered with a museum card or fee.

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